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Tagging & Butterflies

Still riding the wave of the success of the prior year’s How Design Live show, MeadWestvaco (MWV) knew they had to knock this show out of the park. The life size pin wall was such a huge draw and helped so many more attendees experience MWV and their product offering, that they knew they had to put in the work to make sure their next show was even more exciting.

Enter, a “tagging artist.” An MWV employee had actually seen and experienced the work of a tagging artist while visiting another city. This artist would visit various cities, create origami shapes (butterflies, flowers, etc.) and “tag” a spot within the city with an inspirational word or saying, and leave it for visitors to enjoy.

We knew incorporating something this unique into the booth would be exciting and fun for attendees. But we needed to ensure it connected to the brand and to the product, so that the experience made sense for the attendees and for MWV.

We wanted to make sure attendees could experience the Tango product so they could feel first hand, the difference in the quality and performance. In order to accomplish that goal, we created larger origami butterflies cut from a heavier Tango paper. Attendees could visit the booth, design a butterfly and hang it on a 20’ tall tree placed in the booth. We held contests each day for the most uniquely designed butterfly, which kept attendees in the booth longer as they wanted to make sure they won the prize! The sales team benefited from the attendee’s extra time in the booth as well. Engaging in conversations and making connections for follow-up after the show.

In addition, the tagging artist would live tag during each segment of the show. An open-ended statement was added to the top of the wall where he was tagging, and as he created his design, a word would appear to complete the sentence. This was a huge draw for attendees to stand and admire.

As you can see by the population on the butterfly tree, many attendees were able to experience Tango first hand. Lead generation records were exceeded again and the team was thrilled with the success of the show!

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