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When a DC-based company was looking to relocate a segment of their business to Richmond, they needed to introduce employees to the region to allow them to “test the waters” and see if RVA was a good fit to make the transition.

Given Richmond was a new city for them, the internal team did not know much about the area to be able to plan an event for the employees to really get a sense of everything the city had to offer.

We were asked to create a 2 day, 1 night RVA experience for the employees to accomplish 3 goals:

  1. Excite them about the Richmond area
  2. Educate the attendees on all neighborhoods and regions of Richmond
  3. Experience as much of RVA as possible in the time we had

This was a really fun project! We love Richmond and were thrilled to brag about it to a new set of potential residents. It was important that we showed off the city, but yet kept the company’s brand and culture a priority in the experience. We created an experience that rivaled no other and allowed the employees to learn, enjoy and experience Richmond in all its glory.

From a panel discussion lunch with various RVA’ers to an RVA Real Estate 101 and then choices of cool group activities, the attendees got a good dose of Richmond and were sent off with a delicious treat for their ride back.

Feedback from the attendees was incredibly positive and we had a ball both planning and directing the experience!

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